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Yakety Yak has been Edinburgh's home of language teaching since 2010. We at Yakety Yak believe that the best way to learn languages is to have normal, everyday conversations about the latest films, the books you've read, or your next holiday. 


We have to thank Fiona Gomes and Corinne Cervetti, the previous Managing Directors, for providing the range of languages we have on offer. 

Our Teachers  

Our tutors are native speakers themselves. At Yakety Yak, we not only teach the standard language you'd find in a classroom, we fully encourage our tutors to teach our clients to use everyday language that you'd find on French terraces, in Spanish bars or in Italian coffee houses. Our tutors come with an understanding of the most formal language to different regional dialects used. 


We aim to help you get to a fluent, more natural level of speaking, rather than the more formal language you might learn in an academy (which might be good if you're training to be a diplomat!)

We aim to reinforce the grammar you've been learning, learn more vocabulary and gain the confidence you need to start yakking with the locals. 

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