Yakety Yak Language Cafe offers a variety of options in all levels - from beginner to advanced - and all forms of classes from our usual conversation-based sessions to private tutoring. 

Standard conversation-based sessions
You have 3 options*:
- Pay each individual session
  Standard £9 / Student £7
- OPEN CARD - If you wish to come regularly, the open card gives you access to any 6 conversation sessions over 3 months, any venue*, any language
  Standard £43 / Student £30
- SINGLE SESSION CARD - If you wish to come to 6 sessions, at the same time, same place over 6 consecutive weeks you can buy the single session card. Any session missed with this card will be lost
  Standard £34 / Student £25

- MONTHLY PASS - If you wish to commit intensively for a month for up to 15 sessions in total, any language, any venue.

  Standard £95/ Student £75

*Same prices apply for online sessions

*You can use your open card only in Edinburgh or Glasgow,  the card cannot be used in both cities at the same time, you would need to buy 2 different cards for this

Book and culture clubs
French and Italian book club

£16/2hr session

German culture club

£16/1.5hr session

Private sessions
We understand our sessions might be a wee bit daunting for anyone who starts learning a foreign language or to anyone reluctant to join a group of learners.
If you relate to this, do not worry as we also offer some one-to-one sessions with our native and experienced tutors, to catch you up to speed until you are ready to join our conversation-based sessions


Starting price - £35/hr*

Business learning starting price- £60/hr*

*Can vary depending on tutor's preparation and commute times